Island Apollo - New Artist Interview

Island Apollo - New Artist Interview


The latest new band Sonically Awkward is spotlighting is Island Apollo, based out of LA with members from all across the Southern California coast. They feature a surfy-southern Cali vibe with hints of funk and dance as well. Their latest track 'Hold It Down' can be found at the end of the article, which was recorded up in Seattle, WA. Thank you to Cindi Avnet for helping set up this interview, I hope you enjoy it!

My first question is about the band as a whole – Introduce me to who the members are, who does what, and where the band is from?

We’re Island Apollo, we are an Alt-Rock band from Southern California.  We have 5 members, three of whom are brothers.  Beginning with the brothers we have Heath Farmer on guitar, Austin Farmer on keys, and Addam Farmer on bass; all of the brothers also sing.  Then we have Matt Champagne on drums and myself Ryan Kilpatrick on guitar and lead vocals.

* What artists/bands did you grow up listening to? Do you sometimes find that your early days of music enjoyment shine through in your own music?

I think we all grew up listening to pretty different things, but the era that we grew up in saw a lot of bands emerge that were accessible, ultra-melodic and catchy.  Even The Strokes were very poppy and catchy.   So I think that ear for accessible melodies shines through in our music.

There is a ton of music out there. So much. What bands or artists are you currently a big fan of?

I’m a big fan right now of everything that James Mercer has put out; with Broken Bells and The Shins.  I’ve been eating up Heartworms and Port of Morrow every day of the last month it seems like.  I also love me some Cage the Elephant.  Their latest album was my favorite for a long time.

Do you have any plans for collaboration in your upcoming work?

We typically only write together, at least for the songs released under Island Apollo.  That being said there are some people we have in mind for producing the next batch of songs.  We’ve been much more appreciative recently of the influence a good producer can have on a project

Who would be some of your dream collaborators –dead or alive?

I’d love to have Dan Auerbach or Danger Mouse produce a record some day.  I love all the albums that they’ve produced, and I think I’ve been chasing a lot of the sounds that they get in our own recordings.

What does the creative process for you as a band look like? Is there a common theme as far as how songs tend to start off – melodies, lyrics, etc?

The easy answer is it’s always different.  But for this last EP we recorded more of the songs as we wrote them, as opposed to finishing the arrangement and then bringing that to record.  On many of the songs the lyrics were finished last, which is a first.  I think we paid more attention this time to how the band was fitting together than we have before.  

What are some of your favorite cities you’ve discovered thanks to music?

San Diego.  We were paid to play music down there for a couple years.  It allowed me to to explore the city more than I ever would have otherwise.  Lots of good food!

What does the rest of 2017 look like for Island Apollo? Any touring, festivals, new music?

We’re primarily figuring out the best strategy to release these new songs.  Sometimes you can have a great record but neglect to take the necessary steps to capitalize on it.  We want to be sure we give these songs a chance to be heard.  Follow us online to keep up with everything that’s going on!

Make sure to let me know when you’re coming to Portland for the first time! Best of luck in the future!

Thanks for having us!

Check out their latest song 'Hold Me Down' via the Soundsloud link below! Sonically Awkward is off to Sasquatch in under 24 hours!

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