Live Music Preview - Fleet Foxes - Edgefield 9/16

There are plenty of things to be thankful for in Portland these days - we got rain this weekend, the smoke isn't impeding our ability to walk around outside, and the temps are getting crisp in the evening, signaling the start of fall. In my opinion, I don't think there may is a band that features the sound that I internally think of as 'fall' more than Fleet Foxes. The distant, crisp and limited production on their latest record is perfect for those chilly evenings near a fire or on a rooftop. I also highly recommend listening to their latest record while driving to your weekend hike.

They brought with them everything fans love about Fleet Foxes: layered harmonies shepherded by Robin Pecknold’s still-incredible voice, pastoral lyrics, and an almost religious-seeming intensity that made the Crystal feel like a cathedral.
— Portland Mercury
The show felt like it had disregarded the laws of physics, with each perfect transition between songs threading time together, making you feel like there was no such thing as an end.
— Seattle Weekly

For whoever hasn't yet, you can catch their latest album Crack-Up below via the links! Are you going to be at the show at Edgefield this weekend? What song are you most excited for the band to play?

Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up