New Music Friday - 9/1

New Music Friday - 9/1

These days new music comes out at a feverish, insatiable pace. My aim is to help pick some gems out of the vast amount of music that gets put out each and every week, and help funnel them into your ear canals. You can use it to help dig deeper into the artists you like, or just stick with my playlists - that's all up to you. Without further pause, let's dive in!

The albums list this week is pretty light compared to the onslaught we as music fans faced last week, but nonetheless there are a couple you need to check out! First up is LCD Soundsystem's brand new record american dream! After breaking up as a band several years ago, the critics are now saying this may be their best, most polished piece of work in their career - I'll let you determine that for yourself. QUIÑ is next up, with her bubbly pop tracks filling up her EP DREAMGIRL perfectly! The EP features Syd & Buddy, and her music is tuned for fans of Jorja Smith and JAHKOY.

The new Dreamville duo Earthgang came out flexing this week with a four song EP - Rage - and it doesn't lack in lyrical acrobatics. Dreamville made a big move if Earthgang can drop consistent heat like 'Legendari' and 'Meditate' (Written by Contributor A Somms). The final album featured is by singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan! His ballad-filled album features Liz Vice, Portland born and raised soul singer, and I get hints of Alabama Shakes at points throughout - it's for sure worth your time.

  Liz Vice at Doug Fir - Pic by Courtney Theim - Early 2017

Liz Vice at Doug Fir - Pic by Courtney Theim - Early 2017

For singles this week, we start with another perfectly produced track from Frank Ocean! 'Provider' is the latest single from Frank, premiered during the 7th episode of his 'Blonder' radio show on Beats 1. Khalid is back with his latest track, teaming up with DJDS & Empress Of on 'Why Don't You Come On'! The legendary Cat Stevens' latest single off the Yusuf / Cat Stevens record The Laughing Apple is 'Northern Wind', and is as beautiful as any of Cat's older tunes. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile have released their first single off their collaborative album Lotta Sea Lice - 'Over Everything' is a 6 minute jam featuring the best of both artists. Twangy guitars, relatable lyrics, and Courtney's amazing voice make this a must-listen. Dirty Heads' latest single 'Staloney' is another of those must-listens this week, fusing alternative and hip-hop wonderfully.

On the new artist/band side of things, Jessie Ware's latest single 'Selfish Love' once again shows her staying power in the pop genre! She has been making music for a LONG time - she has a single with Sampha that came out in 2011 for reference - but recently her single 'Midnight' has gotten a lot of airplay. Skott, the Scandanavian musical genius, is also back with 'Remain', a haunting piece of alt-pop - honestly, who knows what it is she makes, besides the fact that it's all been glorious thus far. POWERS' brand new track blew my mind on the first listen - the pop arrangements and drop during the chorus are absolutely fantastic. Jump on this train before it leaves the station! VanJess was featured on SA recently, and this week 'Through Enough' features GoldLink! It's an incredibly produced track which will have you head bobbing and/or dancing the entrie way through.

I'm adding 2 tracks from each new album featured to the 'New Release Playlist' below - let me know what you loved/hated in the comments, and be sure to share the post with anyone looking to find new music!


LCD Soundsystem - american dream



John Mark McMillan - Mercury & Lightning


Frank Ocean - 'Provider'

Jessie Ware - 'Selfish Love'

Ibeyi ft. Kamasi Washington - 'Deathless'

DJDS, Khalid & Empress Of - 'Why Don't You Come On'

Skott - 'Remain'

Charlie Puth ft. KYLE - 'Attention' (Remix)

POWERS - 'Just Kids'

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - 'Northern Wind (Death of Billy the Kid)'

VanJess ft. GoldLink - 'Through Enough'

Tennyson - 'Cry Bird'

Dirty Heads - 'Staloney' (E)

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - 'Over Everything'


New Music Friday - 9/1 Playlist

  Blow Hole prior to blowing - Grand Cayman - 2017

Blow Hole prior to blowing - Grand Cayman - 2017

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