New Music Friday - 10/13

New Music Friday - 10/13

These days new music comes out at a feverish, insatiable pace. My aim is to help pick some gems out of the vast amount of music that gets put out each and every week, and help funnel them into your ear canals. You can use it to help dig deeper into the artists you like, or just stick with my playlists - that's all up to you. Without further pause, let's dive in!

The album/EP list starts with Morgan Saint's debut EP 17 Hero! If you haven't been on SA in awhile, you've missed quite a bit of great content about the new artist - check out her live review and EP review here! Her electro-pop sound will remind you of Banks, VÉRITE, and even a bit of Maggie Rogers. Next up is the long-awaited album from Beck, Colors! The time he's put into this record shows, with extremely intricate and layered production giving us a treat worth every year we've had to wait for it. Third up on the album list is SWIM TEAM by Dirty Heads! This record is a unique experimental hip-hop/alternative rock mixture that you need in your life. 'High Tea' and 'Mad at It' are absolute jams. The final record featured is by UK artist King Krule - The OOZ. This record is not going to be for everyone - his voice and style take some people some time to get used to. The production though is spooky, experimental, and at times brash. If you dig the two tracks I put in the playlist, give the rest a shot!

Handsome Ghost - Doug Fir - Pic by Courtney Theim

Handsome Ghost - Doug Fir - Pic by Courtney Theim

For singles this week, let's start off with an awesome Pusha T feature on Steve Angello's 'Freedom'! The beat is loud, in your face, and Pusha's vocals add a great fierceness to this record. Travis Scott is back on Kris Wu's 'Deserve', a beat that is every bit worthy of the massive attention it's been getting. Bazzi, who rose to fame off Vine videos, released 'Mine', a traditional pop song with untraditional production. Jessie Reyez ('Figures') is back with a brand new single, and she's holding no punches back at her haters on 'Phone Calls'. 

On the new artist/band front, one of SA's favorite rising artists Rex Orange County is back! This week he teamed up with Benny Sings on 'Loving Is Easy', another smooth, easy-to-listen-to track that you'll love if you've enjoyed any of his previous music. Next up is Shungudzo, a brand new artist (150 Twitter followers as of this post) that has released a song that is incredibly unique. The beat seems like it is missing a drop of some sort, but that's the conditioning we have from normal pop music - this won't be everyone's favorite track, but it's worth your 3 minutes! Mikey Mike is back again with 'Mikey Likes It', a track focusing on things this interesting artist enjoys. Dagny's 'Love You Like That' is as catchy of a pop song as you'll hear on this list, and is infectious on top of that. Handsome Ghost is also on the list with brand new single 'Honest Mistake'.

I'm adding 2 tracks from each new album featured to the 'New Release Playlist' below - let me know what you loved/hated in the comments, and be sure to share the post with anyone looking to find new music!



Morgan Saint - 17 Hero

Beck - Colors

Dirty Heads - SWIM TEAM

King Krule - The OOZ



Lo Moon - 'Thorns'

Steve Angello ft. Pusha T - 'Freedom' (E)

Bazzi - 'Mine' (E)

Rex Orange County ft. Benny Sings - 'Loving Is Easy' (E)

Shungudzo - 'Long Live the Billionaire'

Mikey Mike - 'Mikey Likes It'

Kris Wu ft. Travis Scott - 'Deserve'

Jessie Reyez - 'Phone Calls' (E)

Dagny - 'Love You Like That'

Tyler Cole ft. Dev Hynes & Willow - 'Next to Me' (E)

Handsome Ghost - 'Honest Mistake'

H.E.R. - '2'


New Music Friday - 10/13 Playlist

Billie Eilish - Holocene earlier this week - Pic by Hans - That feeling you get when you leave the office on Friday

Billie Eilish - Holocene earlier this week - Pic by Hans - That feeling you get when you leave the office on Friday

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