New Music Friday - 3/23

These days new music comes out at a feverish, insatiable pace. My aim is to help pick some gems out of the vast amount of music that gets put out each and every week, and help funnel them into your ear canals. You can use it to help dig deeper into the artists you like, or just stick with my playlists - that's all up to you.

*Apologies for missing the NMF list last week. I moved into a fresh crib in the 'burbs with some friends, and had next to zero time to focus on this - that is not the case this week. Enjoy the great new tunes!

The album/EP list this week kicks off with the Gospel singer Jordan Feliz - Future is its title! You need to hear 'Changed' and 'Count That High' - this record is full of great messages, and if you're scared away by the 'Christian & Gospel' tag - give it a shot. If you hate it, skip it. But give it that chance. Next up is Chloe x Halle's The Kids Are Alright album, which is a 18-track record (with interlude's/intro) that ranges in genre greatly, and a couple tracks were featured in other media forms as well ('Warrior' in A Wrinkle in Time, and 'Grown' in Grown-ish). The genre's range from singer-songwriter, to hip-hop/trap, and even a little electronic/dance. It's a wonderful mix. Third on the list is the very funky, experimental record from Jack White which taps into hip-hop, electronic, rock, and groovy funk sounds (see song 'Get In the Mind Shaft'). It is wild, odd, and some songs are a bit much, but you gotta give it a listen. He even raps on 'Ice Station Zebra'. Last up is George Ezra's Staying at Tamara's! You need this one in your headphones, especially as the weather starts to turn towards summer - plug in 'Shotgun' off the album, and find yourself in complete happiness nearly instantly.

For singles this week, let's begin with the new Panic! At the Disco track 'Say Amen (Saturday Night)'! It's been a long time since 'Welcome To The Black Parade' was the hottest track in the USA, and this may not match up to that level either, but it is catchy and has a brass-tinted chorus, which fans of Panic! should enjoy. Shawn Mendes is back with two tracks today, my top pick being 'Lost in Japan', and Kacey Musgraves makes an appearance on the list with her new single 'High Horse'. Belly is back with YG on '4 Days', a track that needs to go onto your workout playlists asap. Saba is also back with 'Life', a wildly good hip-hop track that gives us a sneak peek into his next album coming in 2018.

On the new artist/band side, KYLE & Kehlani teamed up on track 'Playinwitme', and Young M.A. is back with 'Praktice'. Marian Hill's track 'Differently' is produced by Boi1da, so you know it's a must-hear. Jack & Jack return to the list with 'I Don't Know', a fun bass-heavy pop track, and we can't forget the latest single from hit maker Bazzi, 'Honest'! Remember Billie Eilish? Her brother, Finneas O'Connell, has his own music now, and 'Heaven' is the first taste of it we get, and WOW is it wonderful. I've been a huge fan of Billie for a long time now, and a huge reason for her blowing up was her brother's influences both lyrically and sonically, and you can hear his strengths in this track.

In the bonus track section, I tossed in 'Pristine' by Snail Mail, a group that makes great use of influences from Courtney Barnett, using straight-forward lyrics over gritty guitars to get their point across. The other bonus track is from The Aces, 'Waiting For You'! Are you a fan of HAIM? How about catchy, emotionally-tinged pop music? Get on this new band, now.



Jordan Feliz - Future

Chloe x Halle - The Kids Are Alright

Jack White - Boarding House Reach

George Ezra - Staying at Tamara's



Panic! At the Disco - 'Say Amen (Saturday Night)'

Kacey Musgraves - 'High Horse'

KYLE ft. Kehlani - 'Playinwitme'

Shawn Mendes - 'Lost in Japan'

Young M.A. - 'Praktice'

Marian Hill - 'Differently'

Jack & Jack - 'I Don't Know'

Bazzi - 'Honest'

Morgan Heritage - 'Pineapple Wine'

Belly ft. YG - '4 Days'

Saba - 'Life'

Finneas - 'Heaven'


Snail Mail - 'Pristine'

The Aces - 'Waiting For You'

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