New Music Friday - 3/30

These days new music comes out at a feverish, insatiable pace. This week was filled with more turnover inside the White House, confusion abroad, International drama with Russia, and Facebook security issues. The one constant thing? Sonically Awkward is pumping out the New Music Friday lists week in and week out. No turnover here. Enjoy the greatest combination of tunes in weeks folks.

The album/EP list this week kicks off with the surprise EP from The Weeknd, My Dear Melancholy,. This 6-track EP takes us back to the roots of The Weeknd, with slinky electric guitars, sweet synths, and very personal, topical lyrics. Every single song is worthy of your time, honestly. Second up on the list is the fantastic new alt/pop record from Jukebox the Ghost, Off to the Races! It features a mix of brass, piano, lots of harmonious choruses, and is incredibly infectious. You need to hear 'Everybody's Lonely' and 'Fred Astaire'. The third project you should dive into is the alt/r&b self-titled record from Her. The French duo of Simon Carpentier and Victor Solf make beautiful, pleasing to the ear music that can be listened to on a warm, sunny day, or on a rainy day. Check out 'Swim' and 'Neighborhood' especially. Last up is the album from Harry Hudson, which has been shamelessly plugged non-stop by his best friend, Jaden Smith. Check out 'Whenimma' and 'Criminal'. 

For singles this week, Tyler, The Creator. Enough said, right? His newest track 'OKRA' is bonkers. It's beat is aggressive, the lyrics are vulgar, and the video is wild. What else have we come to expect from the legend in the making that is Tyler, The Creator? A$AP Rocky's return in advance of his upcoming album is officially started with 'Bad Company' dropping this week, and Lord Huron's beautiful alternative-folk sound is once again on the list with 'When the Night Is Over'. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is also featured with their funky alternative sound, with song 'Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays'. 

For the bands/artists who don't have a massive following, we'll start with 'I Don't Want To Know' by Sigrid, who gained a huge following after hit 'Don't Kill My Vibe'. Phora's latest single 'Holding On' is a tough one to listen to as it digs into very personal topics, but the production is wonderful. What can I say about Billie Eilish?! She's back! New single 'Bitches Broken Hearts' is a slow-burning jam. Matt Maeson's 'Hallucinogenics' is a beautiful track, and Michl's new track 'Better With You' is full of daunting synths. Lizzo's 'Fitness', and TOMI's 'What Kind of Love' round out this weeks list.

In the bonus track section, the track 'Aries (YuGo)' gets a 2nd take, this time adding Rae Sremmurd, Quavo and Big Sean on top of production from Mike WiLL Made-It, and previously featured artist Pharrell. This song is extremely catchy, and features Pharrell, not Quavo, melodically singing the hook, so you won't get sick of it after 5 listens. The 2nd track is a rework of Sam Smith's beautiful ballad 'Pray', tapping on the Maryland rapper Logic! I had to toss in 'Code of Honor' by DJ ESCO ft. Future & Schoolboy Q because the beat is bonkers. Add that one to your workout/running playlist ASAP.



The Weeknd - My Dear Melancholy,

Jukebox the Ghost - Off to the Races

Her - Her

Harry Hudson - Yesterday's Tomorrow Night



Tyler, The Creator - 'OKRA'

A$AP Rocky ft. BlocBoy JB - 'Bad Company'

Sigrid - 'I Don't Want To Know'

Phora - 'Holding On'

DJDS ft. Khalid, Charlie Wilson & Charlotte Day Wilson - 'No Pain'

Billie Eilish - 'Bitches Broken Hearts'

Lord Huron - 'When the Night Is Over'

Lizzo - 'Fitness'

TOMI - 'What Kind of Love'

Matt Maeson - 'Hallucinogenics'

Michl - 'Better With You'

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - 'Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays'


Mike WiLL Made-It, Big Sean, Pharrell, Quavo & Rae Sremmurd - 'Aries (YuGo), Pt. 2

Sam Smith ft. Logic - 'Pray'

DJ ESCO ft. Future & Schoolboy Q - 'Code of Honor'

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