New Music Friday - 4/13

These days new music comes out at a feverish, insatiable pace. My aim is to help pick some gems out of the vast amount of music that gets put out each and every week, and help funnel them into your ear canals. You can use it to help dig deeper into the artists you like, or just stick with my playlists - that's all up to you.

The album/EP list this week kicks off with the popstar Bazzi, with album COSMIC! This record is full of dance-worthy pop from the first song 'Dreams' to the last song 'Somebody'. What a talent - get familiar with this guy. The second project this week is the self-titled debut from isaac gracie, singer/songwriter who makes songs so beautiful in their sadness that you almost forget to cry. But the tears can come, if you are willing to put yourself completely into his song and mood - which is not hard to do. The third project is an EP from Skizzy Mars, are you OK? The rapper is back with a 5-track project of finely mixed/mastered beats, all over his addictive vocals. Check out 'American Dream' and '2006'. The last project this week is from a new act to me, nothing,nowhere. ruiner is the latest album from the slow-burning, tantalizing rapper from Massachusetts. His music has been described as guitar-based emo rap - and that may just be the best descriptor of the sound. Check out 'hammer' and 'changer'.

  Amy Shark - Doug Fir - Pic by Hans

Amy Shark - Doug Fir - Pic by Hans

For singles this week, we need to start with the hugely anticipated (at least in the SA reader circle) single from Amy Shark's debut album Love Monster, titled 'I Said Hi'. This song shows Amy shifting directions a little bit more towards a traditional pop song, but the honest, sometimes sad lyrics are 100% Amy. Welcome back! Marian Hill is back with another single, this week 'Wish You Would', and Louis The Child released a new one with Wafia on vocals, titled 'Better Not'. Laura Marling, LUMP, and Mike Lindsay team up on 'Curse of the Contemporary', an interesting mix of alternative, folk, and strings Laura loves so much - this one is cool. Kid Cudi released his first single in AGES. It may not be my favorite ever, not even top 20. BUT, it's Cudi, and it belongs here.

On the new artist/band side, let's kick off with the newest Empress Of song, 'Trust Me Baby'. This one features her showing off her bilingual skills, over a gorgeous beat. Derek Minor released a skit-inspired track showing off his story-telling skills, featuring Chino Dollaz and Anesha Birchett, titled 'Decisions'. Bearson added Ashe's vocals to 'Get Lost', and Twin Shadow's latest 'When You're Wrong' is another fantastic track you gotta check out.

In the bonus track section, we begin with the Shallou remix of Petit Biscuit's 'Problems', adding an awesome element to the already great song. Secondly is the Audiovista remix of 'California' by ROOKIES, both of whom are new to me - which is just another reminder to take chances on new artists, folks. This remix goes hard.



Bazzi - COSMIC

isaac gracie - isaac gracie

Skizzy Mars - are you OK? - EP

nothing,nowhere. - ruiner



Amy Shark - 'I Said Hi'

Marian Hill - 'Wish You Would'

Louis The Child ft. Wafia - 'Better Not'

Empress Of - 'Trust Me Baby'

CHVRCHES - 'Miracle'

Derek Minor ft. Dre Murray, Chino Dollaz & Anesha Birchett - 'Decisions'

Laura Marling, LUMP & Mike Lindsay - 'Curse of the Contemporary'

Twin Shadow - 'When You're Wrong'

Bearson ft. Ashe - 'Get Lost'

Kid Cudi - 'The Rage'

Rozwell Fitzroy - 'Say About Me / Glorified'

ZAYN - 'Let Me'


Petit Biscuit & Shallou ft. Lido - 'Problems' [Shallou Remix]

ROOKIES - 'California' [Audiovista Remix]

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