Conrad Felten, who goes by Con here, is my brother, and one of my best friends. He has been interested in music for a long time now, and after I added him onto my Apple Music plan, his up-to-date music knowledge has been a big help, on this site and off. His debut piece was on Ed Sheeran's Divide album, and you can bet you will see him back and featured here once the summer break hits. Con is based out of Duluth, MN, for now.

Twitter: @CFeLts4 

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bradley p.

My cousin Brad, who goes by the writer name bradley p. - has been a big help in many ways since Sonically Awkward started up early 2017. Brad has answered my questions about John Mayer's deeper meaning behind lyrics, and even wrote a review on one of his EP's released in 2017. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, I am looking forward to more work coming from the huge Chicago Cubs fan, as his new music knowledge has also grown quite a bit over the past year.

Twitter: @Illinibp 

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Brady Becker

Brady is one of my better friends from my 6 years in Minneapolis, and actually went to High School with my brother, as he is 3 years younger than me. His musical interests have been evident for years now, and he is even pursuing his own music podcast which you can bet will be featured on Sonically Awkward whenever his next one comes along. Brady's expertise is in Hip-Hop and Rap, but he also introduced me to Alabama Shakes, so don't count out the rest of his musical opinions. You should see more from Brady once summer hits as well. Brady is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota at the moment.

Twitter: @DjBradyB 

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David Habel

David has been one of my better friends for years now, going back to the days of LWBC camp in Westby, Wisconsin. His expertise is also in Hip-Hop and Rap, with a flair for the socially conscious and story-telling side of the scene. He is based out of Denver, Colorado, and we'll hopefully see more from him once things lighten up in his schedule.

Twitter: @dhabel10 

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Alec Sommer

Alec Sommer - Somms for short - and I grew up as backyard neighbors for the first half of my life in Wausau, Wisconsin. He has always been the one who started the talks about artistic creativity, whether it be in music or literature, he's the guy. He also loves to get involved, going to shows, getting the inside scoop, or predicting how your favorite artists next project will sound. Some of your favorite Hip-Hop artists will be hitting Minneapolis and Wisconsin on their tours and you better believe Alec will know about it and / or be at the show, so keep an eye out for his reviews and other content.

Twitter: @A_Somms 

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Katie North

Katie is from Texas, and is attending George Fox University in Portland, OR. Her musical passions aren't limited to just listening - Katie is also an avid drummer, punk rock enthusiast, and appreciates a good well worn vinyl. Katie will be contributing as time allows with her busy schedule, but you can expect well written pieces from her unique perspective each time. When Katie urged me to pursue a creative outlet for my music obsession, I shrugged it off. She kept on me, and eventually I went for it, and I am so thankful for that.

Twitter: @KatieJNorth 

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2017 Summer Playlist Series

This was a fun project, which featured all of Sonically Awkward's Contributors' unique taste in music in the form of a Summer Playlist. Check out all the posts below.