Song of the Week - 'Last Words' - isaac gracie

I love discovering new songs/artists that can evoke instant, powerful, unexpected emotions with a simple set of lyrics, or a budding production. Isaac gracie did just that with 'Last Words', the latest single from the UK artist. I was going through new music this past weekend, and when I heard this, I was in a solid, happy mental space. Next thing I know i'm holding back tears but also wanting to scream the chorus out at the top of my lungs as the beat builds towards the end of the track. I have a hard time comparing the song to another out there - but please do comment/tweet me if something comes to mind for you!

As I mentioned earlier, the song starts off in an acoustic space, then builds throughout, similar to the way 'Weathered' by Jack Garratt does (but without any of the electronic production), exploding at the end. This song can be interpreted in several ways, but I see it as him calling out his own destructive tendencies, and looking for pleasure and love in all the wrong places. He sings: "How did I get here and can I get back / I thought I was having fun, but no / I was just looking for the one / Always, looking for the one." Later in the song he calls out the all too familiar problem of wanting/wishing for too much in another, and the aura of an unrealistic significant other: "Be careful what you wish for from this dirty life / Cause if you want too much you might lose your mind / If you only want the woman you saw on TV / Well then your eyes are open but you just can’t see."

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'Last Words'- isaac gracie

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