Song of the Week - 'Night Time' - Superorganism

Song of the Week - 'Night Time' - Superorganism

Superorganism, aside from having a unique and visually compelling name, is a group of 8 members hailing from all over the world (New Zealand, Japan, South Korea), and tap into all kinds of sounds, genres, and atmospheres whilst in the recording/producing process. Their debut self-titled album is full of quirky bells, pinging piano, locusts lining the underbelly of songs (especially in 'Night Time'), and glittery synths. I can't adequately exude how unique and intricate this band makes their music sound - it simply needs to be devoured personally. 'Night Time' is the Song of the Week, but you really should check out their whole catalog. Check out this wild music video for 'Reflections On The Screen' below as a bonus. 

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'Night Time'- Superorganism


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