Song of the Week - 'Heaven' - Finneas

The first time I heard Finneas' 'Heaven', it caused me to forget what I was doing instantly. The way the production ranges from a bubbly placeholder initially to the huge, synth-backed chorus which brings the track to the front of your awareness, it'll captivate your attention no matter what you're doing. Finneas O'Connell may be known by you without even your being aware. He is a big part in the mega-star Billie Eilish's rise to fame - he is in fact her sister. He's helped her with writing on 'Ocean Eyes', '6 Feet Under', and 'Bellyache', just to name a few, as well as having produced her latest song with Khalid, 'lovely', along with every single track off Billie's debut EP don't smile at me. Whew, that's a lot of credits.

This song's production is the most glaring point of emphasis here, but I can't glance over how smooth and precise his vocals are throughout, gently tickling our ears at the onset, and then exhausting his stamina during the chorus. During said chorus, he rings out the question some have thought of their significant other at some point or another - questioning if there's anything better than that being in the whole world. He sings: "Heaven, is it as wonderful? / Heaven, is it as beautiful as you?" Keep an eye out for his debut album coming out - hopefully - soon.

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'Heaven'- Finneas


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