Summer Mix - bradley p.

Summer Mix - bradley p.

Music that you listen to during the summer truly defines a three month period of your life. Years later when listening to those same songs, you're instantly brought back to the memories and experiences that you lived through at that moment in time.  That's why selecting the perfect summer playlist is so vital.  With this particular playlist, I only selected songs that were released in 2017 to really keep this snapshot of time unique.  Some could be 3-4 months old, but they've endured the time test to make it on yet another playlist.  With these songs, I've selected a nice array of sounds, including pop, hip-hop, electronic, and a couple love songs as well.

  Cayman Islands' 7 Mile Beach - 2016

Cayman Islands' 7 Mile Beach - 2016

'Stroll On' by Mutemath is the latest single from their upcoming album.  Everything that this band touches is pure gold and this song is no different.  My favorite part of the track begins at the 3:10 mark until the end.  It's a nice electric/rock instrumental with the sound of a bouncing ping pong ball throughout.  It sounds obscure, but it absolutely works and is anything but fools gold.

'Still Feel Like Your Man' by John Mayer is easily my favorite song from 2017 so far, and is part of my favorite album as well.  I could have featured a number of songs from his album, but kept it to two. P.S. - read my review on Wave 2 here!

  Cayman Islands' 7 Mile Beach at Sunset - 2016

Cayman Islands' 7 Mile Beach at Sunset - 2016

'Little Bit of You' by Kevin Garrett came out in early 2017, and I've listened to this song a ton of times, but still makes the cut for the summer playlist.  Kevin is known for writing Beyonce's song 'Pray You Catch Me' (Opening song off Lemonade), but he steps out from behind the pen and puts together a rather chill, catchy tune.

As I write this, I am mid-flight to a week long vacation in paradise (Grand Cayman).  I hope this playlist not only defines the vacation, but the summer as well...exactly what a good playlist should do.


Summer Mix

Playlist by bradley p.

Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly - 'I'll Find You'

FARR - 'Blades'

MUTEMATH - 'Stroll On'

John Mayer - 'Still Feel Like Your Man'

A R I Z O N A - 'Electric Touch'

Andy Grammer ft. LunchMoney Lewis - 'Give Love'

peter manos - 'In My Head'

Vice ft. Jon Bellion - 'Obsession'

Imagine Dragons - 'Thunder'

John Mayer - 'Rosie'

Steve Angello ft. Paul Meany - 'Breaking Kind'

filous ft. Matt Kearney - 'Goodbye'

Lecrae ft. Ty Dolla $ign - 'Blessings'

Coldplay & Big Sean - 'Miracles (Someone Special)'

Oh Wonder - 'Lifetimes'

Kevin Garrett - 'Little Bit of You'

Imagine Dragons - 'Walking The Wire'

Songs of Summahhhhh - Katie North

Songs of Summahhhhh - Katie North

fresh.cut.grass - Brady Becker

fresh.cut.grass - Brady Becker