Alec's Songs of Sommer 2017

Alec's Songs of Sommer 2017

PUN ALERT: my last name is Sommer.  Moving on.  I have listened to MF Doom’s discography all the way through twice this week, but I will spare your souls on this playlist.

Everyone loves the summer vibes and the music that makes your beach days and Friday nights as fun as they are.  I’ve compiled my favorite songs of the summer thus far.  They are for all the modes that the summer provides - from the most beautiful days to those hot rainy nights that ruin your sleep.  I am normally a person who would cringe if the playlist doesn’t play fluently, but this seems better if it follows summer’s sporadic, shuffled style.

Allan Kingdom and Bobby Raps

Allan Kingdom and Bobby Raps

Minneapolis, being a home I’ve never actually lived in yet, has been coming through this summer.  Allan Kingdom and Bobby Raps both dropped amazing projects (LINES & Mark, respectively), giving the world a taste of the pine needly, icy vibes the Twin Cities distills.  Additionally, Finding Novyon pops up on this playlist with two great features, and Kevin Abstract’s BROCKHAMPTON - honorary Minneap Cat - hold a spot with the groups banger 'Boys'.  

This playlist is mainly rap influenced with JAY-Z, Vic Mensa, Lil Yachty, French Montana, Young Thug, and Vince Staples on the roster.  I’m not happy that I like Tunnel Vision from Kodak Black, but I do.  Don’t @ me.  Haim gives us a break with the poppy 'Want You Back' that is basically a hangover cure for how good it is.  Last by not least, Gorillaz, SZA, and Towkio round up the force of this playlist.  Future heads up - Towkio is going to drop a project in the coming year, WWW, so don’t you dare sleep on that.


Eau Claire Forest

Eau Claire Forest

Alec's Songs of Sommer 2017

Playlist by Alec Sommer

Allan Kingdom ft. Finding Novyon - 'Astounded' (E)

Bobby Raps - 'Santa Barbara' (E)

Young Thug ft. Future - 'Relationship' (E)

Kodak Black - 'Tunnel Vision' (E)

Lil Yachty - 'Bring It Back' (E)

2 Chainz ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songs & Jhené Aiko - 'It’s A Vibe' (E)

French Montana ft. Pharrell - 'Bring Dem Things' (E)

Allan Kingdom, Finding Novyon & Drelli - 'Fever' (E)

Bobby Raps - 'Black Ice'

SZA ft. Travis Scott - 'Love Galore' (E)

HAIM - 'Want You Back'

Gorillaz ft. Vince Staples - 'Ascension' (E)

Vince Staples - 'Yeah Right' (E)

Towkio - 'Drift' (E)

JAY-Z - 'The Story of O.J' (E) *

Vic Mensa - 'Rage' (E)



* JAY-Z not available on Spotify Playlist


Summer Country - 2017 - Con

Summer Country - 2017 - Con